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I joined this community to uh ... strut my geekiness? I've been a web designer for about five years and I just got hosted (yeah, sad isn't it?) I used to be on this free site that died and then replaced with some gothic search engine. Anyway, my site is here:
and I already hate the layout. First, for any of you that do not use IE to browse, the list container within my prose page (which is a script I got from, it's called list-o-matic) smushes itself down. But it doesn't do it with the main menu that's featured on all the pages. So, since I hate my layout and now have converted to Firefox, I'm working on a new one.

And um, I was slightly discouraged to see that Opera and Firefox didn't correctly show the container, they're controlled by CSS styles and such. So, yeah, it must be in the code or something. I'll have to look that one over later.

So, yep. I'm new, I write too much, and I really hate tables.

And I see that this community hasn't been posted in for a while. Ah well. :)
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