Christine (_emphatic) wrote in geeky_designs,

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you know what is NOT "fetch"?

SPAMMING stupid rating shit.

peace out, leaving now to a real design community.
Hey, wanna know something cool? I'm a mod of this community, so don't fucking be a bitch. I have a REAL website with REAL design, so how about you shove that comment up your ass. *YEAH*
Hey, wanna know something even COOLER? I know you're a mod, and that's why I left, because SPAMMING is lame from anyone, but lamer still from a MOD!!! OMGomGomgoMG!!!oneone!!one

I have a fucking website too (omg, but wait! I have more than one, thatl ike must make me "l33t" or something) with a fucking REAL design all written, by me, myself and no one else. OMG GUESS WHAT AND I OFFER FREE templates on MY site for users.

You are a loud mouth moron who is so full of shit, it is funny.

Hey why don't you try validating your "site"? OMG wait you can't because you have neither a FUCKING character encoding OR a DOCTYPE.

OMG I like totally like thought like you were like a web deZinEEr?

I bet you, if I was at home right now and tried your site in Opera and Mozilla the shit would look toe-up too. (Fuck it, the shit barely works in IE).

Sorry, bitch, don't diss someone who 1) has her own web design company, 2)writes code and distributes it to those who don't for free and 3)can write code that fucking validates.

Catch a clue.

BTW, just because you have a domain and like know what the <b> tag does, that doesnt' make you a designer. It makes you a wannabe.

Here's what I'll tell you. Learn CSS, and real HTML, learn not to use frames and image maps, learn PSP + DreamWeaver don't make you able to design, understand that pasting an image and shitty code doesn't make you a designer, and then when your done come back and try to talk at me, because you have nothing worthy to say now, loser.

I use PSP7 and Photoshop, I know CSS, I know Perl/MYSQL, but I don't need to prove anything for you. I design for fun, it's a personal/photography site, and a place for my forums. I'm glad you took the time out of your schedule to try and validate my site for me. Thanks! It means a lot.

I'm sorry the whole 'spamming' thing got you so mad. I think you're the only one who cares so much about spamming a community. Honestly, if I offended you, sorry. Also, I liked your blog site, nice colors for autumm.
You know what? I need to apologize. Sorry, I should have breathed before writing that.

Regardless, spamming ticks me off, and (if you couldn't tell) I take designing very seriously. Sorry. I apologize. Bad day.
Understandable, *does peace sign* =]