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I never really liked forms. I tend to stay away from them as much as possible, but now that I need one, I have no shit what im doing. o_O So if anyone is good with'em, help me out.

The form I need I think is very simple..
I just want 1 imput feild with a max of like.. 500 characters or so that says "Ask a Question..." already in it and a submit and reset button to the right of it. When submit is pressed, I just want whatever is in the imput feild to be sent to my email address (smartazzjester@hotmail.com) in plain text... nothing fancy... without the sender having to open their email program. Simple as it might be, I cant figure it out. o_O

And if youre real good and wanna get fancy anyway, maybe have a thank you page pop up when sent? -shrug-

So if anyone can whip up a code for me, Ill love you forevaaaa. :P
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